Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance of Terms

Use of this site i-market.co.il (the "Site"), by you, the end user , through the registration site and / or opening an account and / or opening a store on the site or making a purchase Site store, are, each one, agreeing to the following conditions, set by I- Market whose address Street Yakinton 17 Kfar Yona ,ISRAEL. If you do not agree to the following conditions (the "Terms of Use "), you should not use the site. All the operation of the Site declares that he is aware of the terms of use and accepts them, and that will not be him or someone on his behalf any claim or demand or claim against I- Market site, site owners, managers, directors and officers, their agents, or anyone acting on their behalf, apart from claims related to breach of obligations  according to the following terms and conditions. I- Market reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use from time to time, at its sole discretion, but any change in the terms of use applies only to products or services purchased after the said change. Terms phrased in the masculine form for convenience only, but they are designed for men and women

2. Rules

1. Site powered by I- Market and provides electronic commerce services and making online transactions on the Internet in the field of quality products and lifestyle.

2. I- Market provides an advertising platform for shop-owners or sellers (the "businesses") who want to sell products to general public .for the avoidance of doubt, I- Market does not manufactures or supplies the products. I- Market provides for businesses the site as a platform to display only products and not to be seen as  I- Market sells or provides the products and should not be regarded as I- Market owes any responsibility, directly or indirectly. I- Market is not a party to the transaction between merchants and buyers.

3. Registration and Service

1. I- Market reserves the right to refuse to allow access to any end user in its sole discretion.

2. The registration on the site and creating a user name and password is personal and not transferable, with or without consideration.

3. The end-user is obligated to secure personal password obtained from the site. The end user is fully responsible for any act carried out to his account. I- Market will not be responsible  for any damage caused due to account hacking caused by negligence of the user in maintaining his password.

4. End User declares that he has the legal capacity under the law to use this site and to commit to a contract (buying or selling) in accordance with law. It is clarified that the use of the site by minors is subject to the approval of their parents or their legal guardian. As the end user is under the age of 18, he is required to ask his parents or legal guardian permission before using the Website, and when the end user uses the site, he declares to I- Market Authority received stated - after his parents or legal guardian read carefully the terms of use . Responsibility for the use and monitoring the sites usage apply to end users, parents or legal guardian only, and End User hereby the I- Market from liability in this regard.

5. As the registration is the name of a corporation, the corporation full responsibility that the person who creates the account on behalf of the corporation has the legal authority to do so. I- Market does not review in advance the identity of the business and there will not be liability for any claims or lawsuits or demand of any third party against the same business or responsibility for the alleged damages by the merchant.

6. the business should make sure that the account information created is current and accurate. Including checking that the e-mail address is updated, the latest payment information such as Paypal account is active

4. Registration fees and payment terms

1. The end-user's right to make shopping on the site is free.

2. The right of business to open a virtual store and perform sales is on an annual renewable fee of NIS 400 including VAT alone without additional fees (excluding future premium services customers can purchase ) .According  to this  payment, I-MARKET will establish for the client (supplier / the shopkeeper)  5 first products depending on the material to be transferred by the customer. As of today, I- Market reserves the right to periodically change payment rates as stated in its sole discretion.

3. Vendor payment to i-market will take place at the commencement of the contract approval prior year, and at  the renewal of the contract every year if the vendor decides so.

4. The prices shown include VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

5. sell which is approved, requiring payment of the full purchase amount

6. As a business whose account is not paid on time, I- Market retains responsibility to freeze / pause the shop,and its products will not be published. Full responsibility for this matter is on the business.

7. The charge end users can be done in several ways, such as using a credit card or by using PayPal account (guard clearing service payments over the Internet). Note that opening a PayPal account is subject to all conditions set forth in PayPal, as detailed on www.PayPal.com. I- Market is not a party to the end user directly with PayPal. I- Market will not take any responsibility for end-user use PayPal.

8. the end user need to keep all their account information up to date at all times, including e-mail address information and means of payment such as a valid credit card or PayPal account .

9. All payments of taxes applicable to the end user, both on business and for shoppers, apply to them and them alone, and it is understood that I- Market does not bear any payment of taxes for site transactions.

5. setting up shop and selling products

1. All businesses are committed to maintaining the same basic guidelines provided to make use of the shops on the site (the "Terms of Business"), these guidelines include: product delivery and return, payments and refunds policy, all in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, Law 1981 regulations. businesses pledge to enforce the terms and conditions set by all good faith. I- Market reserves the right to require the businesses to change the terms and conditions determined in its sole discretion.

2. I-market keep the details of the buyers for contact purpose only, and commit not to misused it and transfer it to a third party.

3. advertising a product by a business requires to sell  and delivery it to the buyer.  business will accurately describe the product and its details without tricking the buyer. Description will be using: text description pictures and links, text, information, graphics, images, sound, video, links or other information that it displays on the site.The business is solely responsible for all advertising activities

4. The products on I- Market are divided by categories. A home business needs to take care that labels of products he advertises under appropriate categories, are acurate. I- Market reserves the right to change the categories of products as published in its sole discretion.

5. As the buyers meet the criteria for the use of the business, the business must give consumers the products sold through appropriate commercial.

6. The prices shown on the site by the business must be accurate and include VAT. The business may collect shipping and delivery charges that are reasonable. The shipping fee clearly appear on the site. You can not change the product's sale price after the sale put in order.

7. shoppers are allowed to write some feedback about the store shopping experience and the product that was purchased. In case the deal is canceled, also the feedback about it may be canceled.

6. Limitation of Liability

1. I- Market does not constitute any party transaction for the sale of products between merchants and buyers. So i- Market has no control on the quantity, quality, legality, morality or any other matter related to products sold on the site. I- Market is not responsible for the real thing or accuracy of registration and advertising of products and does not have the ability to verify that the merchant or buyer completed and carried out the sale transaction successfully.

2. I- Market does not have the ability to verify the identity, age and citizenship of end-users on the site and it does not carry out a preliminary examination of the end-users or the site content or information published on the site by end users. Therefore I- Market is not responsible about the identity of users end or the content and information published on the site.

3. The end-user hereby expressly agrees that use of the Website is the responsibility and sole risk. I- market, employees, agents, managers, third parties that provide content not guarantee that use of the site will be uninterrupted or without faults or mistakes or be provided continuously without interruption. They also do not warrant the accuracy, reliability or content of information or products posted on the site and after delivery.

4. I- Market will not be liable in any way and under any legal theory that some (including tort, contract, unjust enrichment, etc.), the end-user or any other person, directly or indirectly, any direct or indirect, arising from the use Site and / or Services and / or due to an inability to use the Site and / or Services and / or director integrity and / or damage to the end-user's computer and / or data stored in the end user's computer and / or damage resulting from full or partial deletion of The information is stored and for any other, or is not expected and unexpected end-user hereby declares that he is solely responsible for any use done by this Site or products.

5. The products on the site are presented in good faith and responsibility of businesses and should not present them for taking responsibility on the part of I- Market regarding the nature of the products, their properties, their names and other businesses.

6. I- Market shall not be liable for illegal activity carried out by businesses or by those end-users from the site.

7. I- Market shall not be liable for any external website linked to it via a link or a link. I- Market shall not be liable for any content, Action, publication, sale or product available on the said websites.

8. Without limiting the foregoing, and in any case, the liability and responsibility of I- Market, not to exceed the amounts paid to it by the end user and the total liability and total liability of I- Market arising out of or related to these Terms of Use shall not exceed the amounts paid to it by end user during the three months prior to the raising of the relevant by the end user against I- Market.

9. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 5.3 above, I- Market may disclose to third parties, contact details of the owner of the business, in every case where it will find, in its sole discretion, that a business database actions violate or may violate the terms of use. Also, in case of violation or a notice of claimed infringement, the end user on the site, I- Market may convey the details of the end user, whether by court order, if the framework of legal process or due notice of intent to take legal proceedings against the said (criminal or civil).

7. Intellectual Property

1. The site is the sole property of I- Market and I- Market holds the copyright, trademarks and all intellectual property rights to the site. Any reproduction, distribution, transmission, publication, transmission, creation of derivative work of creating a link, exploiting or harming the intellectual property rights of I- Market in any way, in whole or in part, without the prior written approval Maii- Market prohibited. Any violation of the provisions of this section, may result in the violation of intellectual property rights in a way that may be imposed on the violator penalties or criminal or civil penalties.

2. The end user will not post on the site any material protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights without the express permission from the copyright owner. I- Market shall not be liable for any damages of any kind whatsoever with respect to intellectual property rights violations carried out by the business or end user by advertising on the site objects. I- Market reserves the right to remove all information on the site infringes any intellectual property rights brought notified of a violation.

3. The end-user hereby grants I- Market license non-repeatable, non-exclusive, limited in time and place and free of charge, to use, reproduce, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate and distribute the content it publishes the database (in part or in its entirety) and This material stage or other derivative works in any form, media or technology. End user than any other end user to access, view, store, replicate and copy the contents it publishes on the site for the personal use of the end user.

8. forbidden activity
        Operation and use of the Site as listed below is prohibited:

1. Advertising a product on the site will not be fake, misleading or inaccurate.

2. prohibited any activity related to fraud, the sale of stolen goods or any other illegal activity.

3. prohibited any activity that violates another party's rights such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets or intellectual property rights of any kind whatsoever.

4. prohibited any activity that violates the privacy of every individual, all as set forth in detail in the Privacy Policy of this website.

5. banned all activities constituting defamation of any person, defamation or harassment of any person, including but not limited to, activities which harm or may harm, directly or indirectly, the Company's reputation or defaming the company and so on.

6. prohibited any advertising that may contain pornography or harmful.

7. prohibited any advertising or selling a product that could be used for another person to break or harm or illegal activity in computer systems or databases or theft of personal information the End User.

8. Market I- prohibited references or redirecting link from I- Market External website that may cause damage to the Site or to oblige legal duty.

9. If one of the suppliers act in contravention of regulations and / or act in bad faith and / or not appropriately serve its customers, the website owner is entitled to i-market to close the store complex on the site of the doubt notice of 10 days.

9. Miscellaneous

1. The section headings are designed for convenience and familiarity only, and will not do them any use of the interpretation of the agreement.

2. any right or remedy of I- Market in accordance with the terms and conditions shall not derogate from any other right or remedy of the existing I-market her by law.

3. Terms does not constitute a contract in favor of a third party and do not grant any rights to any third party.

4. No waiver, failure to act or granting an extension provided by I- Market will not be considered a waiver of its rights under the Terms or under any law, nor constitute a precedent for any other case, not prejudice the right of I- Market to exercise its rights at any time not heard any complaint regarding the waiver or suspension of rights.

5. The law applicable to the activities on the site and conditions of use, is the only Israeli law. Exclusive jurisdiction and exclusive jurisdiction to hear any claim or application may be submitted in connection with these terms given to the competent court in Tel Aviv.

6. The invalidity of one or more clauses these Terms of Use shall not affect the validity of the terms and conditions as a whole. Terms invalid or unenforceable be replaced with a valid provision which will be closest to the original provision it replaces, to the extent possible under the law.

7. I-market messages will be delivered by email as specified on the site or to the address listed up the terms of use. Notice will be deemed delivered 24 hours after sending an email mentioned, except when the end user has received notification that the email address is invalid.

8. Returns will be allowed until 14 days after product arrival to the customer . 
In case of defective product arrival or an order mistake  , providing return shipping cost will be at the expense of the vendor , 
and if the product will be returned for any other reason , the cost of return shipping will provide by client .