The seven branched lamp- A unique sculpture by the artist David Susanna in elegant packaging

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A unique sculpture (only 80 units left) by the artist David Susanna in elegant packaging. One of a kind. There is an option for personal engraving for an additional 45 USD. Made of cast iron + copper plating. Painted aluminum base.

 Details: Unique design by the artist David Susanna that combines the Star of David and the The seven-branched lamp, the oldest Jewish symbol on mosaic floors in ancient synagogues in Israel and on coins.

This symbol is based on the golden lamp that was in the temple. Since the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD, the menorah carried the memory of the destruction and its importance is illustrated in the reliefs of the Arch of Titus as a symbol of the victory of the Romans. Over the generations, the use of the shape of the lamp has become as a sign of national identity. After the establishment of the state, the menorah was established as the symbol of the state.

The Star of David originated in ancient cultures and its name is derived from medieval legends about the specific power of King David's shields thanks to which he survived the people of Israel in the war. The Star of David was used in the seals of the Jewish communities in Europe. The first Zionist associations used the Star of David as a national symbol. After the establishment of the state, the Star of David became part of the state symbol.

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