Privacy Policy

1. Acceptance of Privacy Policy

Use of this site , by you, the end user , through the registration site and / or opening an account and / or opening a store on the site or making a purchase Site store, are, each one, following agreement privacy policy, set out by the company whose address  St. YAKINTON 17 Kfar Yona -the "I-Market".
If you do not agree to the following privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy"), you should not use the site.
Each vendor/client of the Site declares that he is aware of the privacy policy on the site and that he or she accept it, and that will not be him or someone on his behalf any claim or demand or claim against I-Market site owners, managers, directors and officers, their agents,  or anyone acting on their behalf, except claims related to breach of obligations according to the following privacy policy.
I-Market reserves the right to change this privacy policy from time to time, at its sole discretion, but any changes in this Privacy Policy will apply only to the use of the site that has been done done after the change stated.
Privacy policy formulated in the masculine form for convenience only, but is designed for both men and women.
2. Rules
1. Site powered by I-Market and provides electronic commerce services and making online transactions on the Internet in the field of quality products and lifestyle.
2.  I-Market provides an advertising platform for shop-owners or sellers who want to sell products  to general public . For the avoidance of doubt,  I-Market do not manufactures or supplies the products. I- Market provides for businesses the site as a platform to display only products and shoud not be seen as that I-Market sells or provides the products and should not be regarded as I- Market owes any responsibility in respect thereof, directly or indirectly .  I-Market is not a party to the transaction between merchants and buyers

3. Register

1. When the initial registration to site on, the buyer has to enter the e-mail address and choose a password or login with facebook. When the buyer wish to buy or when a business wants to open a store on the site, it must fill a registration form containing some information like: first name, last name, email address, selecting a password, telephone, address,  and a paypal payment account  .

4. Use of information

1. The use of information obtained about the end user due to the use of the Site shall be in accordance with this Privacy Policy or the provisions of the law, among other things, for the following purposes: to allow the use of end-user site; Improve and expand the services and content offered on the site; Modify or cancel services and content on the site; Allow purchasing products on the site; Publishing information and content on the site; Adjust the transactions and advertisements presented during his visit at the end user's site tailored to the end-user's interest.

2. I-MARKET automatically record  all the information is received from the end user's browser including  end-user IP address  as well as all the pages visited during his surfing . With the consent of the end user privacy policy, end user consents that such documentation will be carried out by  I-Market for the following purposes: contacting the end user; Enable reuse and resale site buying products; Prevent the use of illegal or unauthorized site; Sending marketing or promotional materials to the end user (whether by  I-Market or through any of its agents) by e-mail, unless the end user will indicate in writing to the  I-Market that is not interested in another shipment marketing or promotional material stated. If the end user wants to stop receiving e-mail messages stated, he should contact  I-Market and ask to remove their details from the mailing list.

3.  I-Market will not sell or rent or transmit personal information regarding the end user, as it was informed by the end user, in whole or in part, to any third party. Notwithstanding the foregoing,  I-Market will be permitted to disclose personal information about an end user, in whole or in part, to any third parties, subject to fulfillment of the following conditions:  I-Market has received the consent of the end user to disclose this information; Exposure information or part of certain elements necessary for the provision of services. It should be noted that unless otherwise stated, these factors have no right to use such information beyond the purpose for which it provides  

5. Use of Cookies

1.  I-Market can and will use cookies for the purpose of the proper operation of the site and current, including to compile statistics about the use of the site and to customize the site's personal preferences and needs of the end-user security.

2. The end-user can avoid receiving "cookies" by using a web browser.

6. Security

1.  I-Market secures the site and the site has implemented systems and procedures for information security. While   I-Market reduces the risk of unauthorized penetration to the computer, this activity provides no security and the maintenance of absolute immunity information. Therefore,  I-Market does not guarantee that the site will be absolutely immune to unauthorized access to information stored in it .

7. The right to inspect information

1. According to the Privacy Law - 1981, all persons have the right to examine the information which is kept in a database. Person who peruses such information and found it to be inaccurate, incomplete, unclear or updated, may contact the owner of the database to amend the information or delete it. Also, if the information in the database is used to personal appeal to the end user, the end user is entitled in accordance with the Privacy Protection Act, 1981 to require in writing that the information relating to him will be deleted from the database.

8. Changes

1.  I-Market reserves the right to update this privacy policy from time to time. In the case of material changes to this Privacy Policy,  I-Market will notify through a prominent notice on the home page of the website or by sending a direct message to the end user. Continued use of the service is the end user's consent to this Privacy Policy and any updates.