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Full set kitchen accessories which includes:

Pot Bottom Made Of Quality Cotton
Diameter- 25 cm
Is designed to keep surfaces from heat.
Can be ordered with the odor of spices that are being smelled while the hot pot is touching the bottom.

Pita Pocket -Diameter 24 cm
Used for defrosting bread  rolls in Microwave.
Maintains the freshness of the defrosted productKitchen sleeve gloves .

Kitchen sleeve gloves .
Size 80/16 cm
connected Gloves.
Protects hands from getting burns.
you hold the pot and put it on the gloves without requiring additional bottom.

Magic pot hat-diameter 50 cm.
Used to replace the towel putting on top of the pot while cooking rice or Koskos.
also can be used to Puff pastry or keep the cooking heat.

the product is made of high quality cotton and is handmade manufactured.

Special Instructions
Washing Instructions The products can be washed with delicate laundry without wringing

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