Breastfeeding Pillow -Seal-Model 7030

Brand: פיצקלולי

Product Code: 7030

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Price: $70.92

Width: 44 cm, length: 90 cm

Nursing cushion-shaped seal adapted to body shape and size baby.
At the end of the nursing period, it remains as a pillow cushion doll nice and easy to use.
Comes in different colors to choose from.
There is a possibility to empty or add
Filler cushion.
You can remove the outer covering and wash.
Materials: canvas, acrylic, polystyrene balls.

Washing instructions:
Wash gently wash up to 30 degrees.
Dry onions

Comes in colors: black and purple stripes, black and purple dots, light blue-gray - you can leave a message for the relevant color

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